Allied Health Speech Pathology

Allied Health Speech Pathology

Do you or someone you know have a communication disorder? We provide solutions-orientated allied health speech pathology where we establish the root causes of such conditions to plan for and implement a steady but lasting recovery.

Professional Yet Sympathetic Care

Whether the cause of your (or a loved one’s) speech impediment is hearing loss, resulting in learning disability, or brain injury due to a stroke, our holistic care will help develop or regain your communication ability. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Assessment. The initial step to correcting speech is determining the cause of your language breakdown. This evaluation is necessary to plan your treatment to achieve tangible results.

Management. Depending on the diagnosis, the implementation of your treatment plan may include therapy to assist you in forming sounds, and constructing words and sentences to speak effectively.

Promoting health. Our qualified healthcare workers strive for lasting results by equipping you with methods that you can practise outside of therapy sessions.

Why Advantage Disability Services

Our practice was established by local health professionals with a strong interest in mental and physical well-being. So, contact us for the best mental care.

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