Mental Health Disability Support

Mental Health Disability Support

Advantage Disability Services (ADS) offers mental health disability support to persons of all backgrounds and ages who have been diagnosed with or confront challenges related to their ability to face the demands of daily life. Reach out to us if you are a coordinator seeking clinical assessment, diagnosis or counselling services for an NDIS participant. Our psychologists and licensed counsellors aim to improve and promote the mental health of persons with, among others –

Depression and anxiety

Eating disorders

Addictive, substance-related, and impulse-control disorders

Bipolar disorder

Obsessive-compulsive, trauma, and stressor-related disorders


Neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorders

Personality disorders

Schizophrenia and


We treat behaviour and emotional disorders in children and offer professional support coordination to provide our clients with the peace of mind they deserve. We connect individuals with the mental health disability support worker who suits their care needs best and offer face-to-face plus Australia-wide phone and web-based video appointments.

The Cost of Mental Health Support in Sydney

Medicare rebates apply to those with a referral from their doctor under a Mental Health Care Plan, and some private funds may offer counsellor rebates. We do not charge our patients for the government-funded, uncapped services provided through NDIS.

Our counsellors are ready to take calls from individuals with emotional difficulties stemming from grief and loss, gender identity unease, work or personal relationship challenges, and self-esteem issues.

We assist people who face milestones and life transitions through safe, effective talk-based therapy. Participants can obtain mental health disability support from us for mental health issues such as anger management, sexuality concerns, previous or current child abuse, and panic attacks.

Coordinators can simplify the process by using our inclusive disability support services. These include allied and mental health plus home care offered by professional support workers.

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