Mental health clinic

Mental health clinic

Mental Health Clinic Services – Support Worker For Mental Health

Family members and the patients come to us knowing they require more than just a few services and are looking for an experienced team willing to help them resolve their issues.

Our methods reflect a commitment to our patients. Our care programs are practical, and based on research to aid in recovery and relapse prevention.

We provide a safe and warm environment that is complemented by luxurious and comfortable accommodations with outdoor and leisure spaces. 

Delicious and fresh meals are cooked each day. We are just a short walk away from transportation, shops, and cosmopolitan cafes.

Advantage Disability Services’ Young Adult Unit provides highly specific treatment for people who are 16-24 years old. age.

Mental health issues usually manifest in the early years of adolescence, or adulthood. 75% of them occur prior to reaching the age of 24.

Recent research has shown the importance of early treatment and intervention. Significantly affect the process of mental illness and that many young adults could continue to lead life with a normal, productive lifestyle if they receive the right treatment. Early intervention may help young adults improve their health faster and stop problems from getting more severe.

Our aim is to recognize and treat any emerging mental health issues as quickly as is possible using evidence-based, youth-friendly interventions that reduce the impact and severity of the illness.


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