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Disability Support Work Sydney

Are you a coordinator looking for an organisation that delivers disability support work in Sydney? Discover our inclusive support capabilities and simplify the process. Advantage Disability Services (ADS) offers in-home care, transportation, and companionship services. Our trained psychosocial support workers’ proficiencies include capacity building, social engagement and community participation assistance, life coaching, and personal development guidance

We accompany participants, gladly share in their outings and can be present when they exercise or partake in a hobby.

We work closely with each individual to develop stable relationships and psychological well-being and succeed with our preventative and curative methods.

We offer non-clinical in-home and community support via diverse strategies tailored to the individual’s needs.

Our disability care in Sydney may include washing, cooking, gardening, and medication assistance. So too with transportation to social activities and other appointments.

What Else Does ADS Disability Support Services in Sydney Provide?

We aim to improve our clients’ motivation to make healthy changes, empowering them to achieve their objectives and enjoy a life filled with exciting activities, new events and pastimes they find appealing.

Our disability support work in Sydney includes teaching participants new life skills such as housekeeping and developing the ability to set, work towards and achieve goals. These include fully engaging in their studies and making the most of their employment opportunities.

Community participation in celebrations and sporting events is an essential component, as is volunteering. We focus on creating opportunities for our clients to become valued group members in their areas.

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