Dietician wollongong

Dietician wollongong

Best Dietician Wollongong Australia

Begin your wellness journey now. Make an appointment with our expert nutritionist. It is possible to visit the clinic or use the online service. We provide a vital service, and we are an official COVID Safe registered business.

Your initial appointment to take about 60 minutes in length during which we will discuss your health issues, evaluate your current health and diet habits and set your wellness goals.

What should you consume and what to not consume, according to your preferences, goals and intolerances as well as the preferences of your diet (inc. vegetarian and vegan)

  • Recommended meals and snacks for the right time
  • What nutrients and food items should you focus on to improve your health?
  • Recommendations on kilojoules and macro-nutrient intake
  • Which tests you should conduct through your GP or a specialist
  • Which supplements should you be taking to help your growth?
  • Tips for managing mood, hormones and mental health. emotional eating
  • What food choices can you make to help support the demands of a hectic or active life
  • How can you eat for managing any medical conditions or concerns
  • What foods to eat to help support conception, pregnancy , and/or nursing
  • How do you plan your diet to fit your living style

Consultations with a follow-up doctor aren’t required, but they are suggested. If you keep your appointments on a regular basis you will be able to track your progress, alter your treatment regimen and maintain motivation for you!


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