Allied Health Physiotherapy Services

Allied Health Physiotherapy Services

Our clinic offers excellent allied health and therapy services to clients in Warrawong and Illawarra. Experienced health professionals established Advantage Disability Services (ADS) to simplify finding a range of inclusive support services for people of all ages and backgrounds in the surrounding area.

  • Allied health delivers physiotherapy to individuals with orthopaedic, paediatric, geriatric, and neurological conditions. Our trained and certified physiotherapists treat sports injuries and use the latest methods, technologies, and tested and proven approaches to supply female health treatments. We tailor pain management and rehabilitation services to each individual’s specific needs.
  • Our certified chiropractor offers allied health treatments for musculoskeletal and non-musculoskeletal ailments. Our chiro will gently realign joints or adjust your spine to prevent and address mechanical disorders related to neck and back pain. We can help relieve headaches, relax tense muscles, and release spasms. We also provide soft tissue therapy. Clients wishing to increase their range of motion and mobility may benefit from the prescribed exercises.
  • We also supply foot care or podiatry at our allied health clinic. Our qualified, experienced, and certified podiatrists can prescribe preventative measures and diagnose and treat multiple foot and limb disorders. We assist individuals with foot, ankle, knee, leg, and muscle pain. We treat clients with sports injuries, joint-, nail-, and skin problems, plus advise on which shoes to wear. Our podiatrist can prescribe orthotics or medical devices worn inside the shoes to correct biomechanical foot problems.

We run our family-owned health facility with passion and commitment, and our professional support workers offer peace of mind to all who need our help.

Allied Health Speech Pathology Services for Communication and Swallowing Problems

Our speech-language pathologists work with babies, children, teens, and adults that find it challenging to make speech sounds and put them together to form words. Our speech pathologists also develop their ability to understand what they read and hear.

  • To help their clients communicate more effectively, SLPs improve their spelling, grammar, and writing skills. Let us assist with thinking, problem-solving, attention, and memory issues.
  • Why not talk to us if you need help developing voice, language, and stuttering competencies? We can also strengthen cognitive and social communication abilities. Our SLPs also help those who have difficulty sucking, chewing, and swallowing food and drink.
  • Allied health provides occupational therapy to disabled, injured, or ill community members via the remedial routines everyday activities involve. Our occupational therapists help patients recover, improve and maintain commonplace working and living skills. Get in touch if you need assistance with sensory, cognitive, or physical hindrances and want to live a more independent life.

Our counselling, mental healthcare and allied health professionals focus on challenging the physical, emotional, and social barriers preventing our clients from living their best lives.

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